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Reliable Golf Services is a company with a passion for turfgrass management and a proven track record. We are leaders in turf agronomy and we focus each and every day on producing great turf for spectacular playing conditions. Our mission is to provide each of our courses with the best playing conditions at their budget level. From equipment management, to course maintenance, to staffing and human resources, Reliable Golf Services is a trusted partner.

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Whether you are looking for help with your entire golf maintenance operation, or need help performing aerification or reel grinding operations, choose a partner with the genuine agronomy and turf expertise to make your course shine. Led by a team of experienced agronomic turf professionals, Reliable Golf Services is dedicated to working with golf courses and turf facilities of every level to make them stronger. Your business is rooted in having great daily conditions for your customers. Reliable Golf Services is the right choice to improve your turf management and stabilize your bottom line by either contracting your entire maintenance operation or utilizing our contract services.

When it comes to maintaining the standards of your golf course, remember that “it’s all in the name.”

Golf Maintenance Services

Reliable Golf Services’ comprehensive Golf Maintenance Services allows golf courses to ensure that their daily grounds maintenance and course conditioning are always top notch, without the headaches. Reliable Golf Services has been a leader in quality golf maintenance for over 25 years because of our Expertise, Integrity, Partnership, Dedication, and Innovation.

You set the standard and control the maintenance direction. Our agronomic professionals will ensure your standards and your golfers’ expectations are met each and every day. These days every round played must be a great experience to keep your customers and members returning time and time again. Reliable Golf Services understands this and has the staff with the knowledge and experience to ensure that your course is being managed at an efficient, top notch level every day. Your on site course superintendent is not alone. Our course superintendents are backed up by an agronomic team of Certified Superintendents to troubleshoot issues that arise and plan to prevent potential problems before there is a noticeable impact on the golfer

When you have a reliable partner for your course maintenance, you can be assured that our focus is your course. Reliable Golf Services has been managing the maintenance at Midwest golf courses for over 25 years. We currently manage the agronomic operations at eight courses, including private, public, and municipal courses. Our successful partnerships at all of our courses are driven by our honest, fair, and transparent business model. We’ve built our company on honesty and integrity which has led to the long term relationship at each course we currently manage.

Reliable maintained courses benefit each and every day from our partnership style business model. Every decision that we make is based on the question “Is this the best decision for the course?” We do our best to be an asset to your business by fixing as many of your costs as possible, taking the headaches and expenses of equipment, liability, insurance, and workers comp issues off your plate. Because Reliable Golf Services is a part of a larger company, Reliable Property Services, our costs for all of these are generally much less than that of a stand alone course. With Reliable turf professionals taking care of the daily course maintenance operations, our course partners can focus on growing their businesses, knowing that their greatest asset is being well taken care of.

Just like most superintendents in the profession, Reliable Golf Services is built on dedicated individuals. Whether your superintendent has been at your course previously, or is hired by Reliable, they are backed up by our regional managers. Our regional managers are superintendents with an average of 20 years experience whose job is to know your property and back up your superintendent. We take pride in knowing each of our properties, not only at the management level, but also at the field level by making regular site visits. Our years of expertise, eye for detail, and understanding of what is important to you and your golfers ensure that your course is maintained every day at a level everyone is sure to notice!

Reliable Golf Services is dedicated to utilizing the latest in scientific research and technological innovations, driving efficiency and playability. Moisture probes can drive greater quality and consistency on putting greens. The latest mower technology can improve playing surfaces. Utilizing disease models and having a sound plant protectant program based on Best Management Practices makes our superintendents good stewards of the environment. Applying compost can be a good tee or fairway topdressing material and aid in reducing synthetic fertilizer inputs. We care about your course, your golfers, and your environment. In an ever progressing technological age, Reliable Golf Services is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and making sure our courses aren’t left behind.

Hiring Reliable Golf Services as your maintenance partner will give you the ability to retain the direction of your course and the knowledge that there is a group of professionals on your property with the experience and expertise to achieve your goals.

Aeration Services

Aeration is often referred to as a ‘necessary evil’. Especially in the golf world it is labor intensive, involves expensive equipment which does not get used much throughout the year, and has the potential for turf injury when performed by inexperienced crew members. Reliable Golf Services has the knowledge and capability to correctly and quickly aerate your Golf Course or Athletic Field.

Reliable Golf Services is here to help by providing an array of contract aeration services including deep tine aeration, greens aeration, tee aeration and fairway aeration. Athletic fields build on a root zone mixture can be deep tined and all fields will also benefit from our tractor mounted core aerifiers.

We don’t just provide the equipment, we have experienced operators who will ensure that you have the outcome that you expect. Aeration success is in the details and we not only understand this, but our operators and crew members treat every course and field that we service as if it was our own.

If you have any concerns about the health of your turf, often times aeration can be an important management tool. Our turf professionals are happy to help you determine if aeration is necessary and what type of aeration would be most beneficial. Different types of aeration accomplish different goals that are explained in more detail on the aerification services page. (click here To learn more about aeration services)

Reel Grinding Services

Reliable Golf Services can help your course achieve the cutting quality that’s expected throughout the season. We offer a comprehensive reel inspection and grinding service using state of the art equipment and skilled mechanics. Our competitively priced services offer more for your money than our competitors. We have spent the past three decades grinding reels for the courses we manage and are now offering our services to other courses. We believe that we can service your reels more thoroughly and less expensively than anyone else out there. Let us show you how your course can benefit from professional reel grinding.

Whether you are in need of a winter overhaul, basic grinding service, or a quick mid-season touch up, Reliable Golf Services is available to meet your needs. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and how we can get your grinding units into top condition and ready to go for the season! (click here To learn more about reel grinding services)

Course Project Services

Reliable Golf Services is the perfect choice for your minor course construction projects. From tee leveling to bunker renovation and drainage, we can help your course make the improvements that will improve playability and increase quality.

Most courses can point to a few spots needing improvement to enhance playability or aesthetics. Reliable Golf Services evolved out of The Bruce Company with all the golf employees transferring over. We have the expertise and ability to help you make the small changes that don’t warrant a major construction job. (click here to learn more about course construction project services)

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