Golf Maintenance

Trust Your Course with Reliable Grounds Experts.

Reliable Golf Services has been managing golf course maintenance at a variety of premier courses for over 25 years.From equipment management, to course maintenance to staffing and human resources, Reliable Golf Services is a trusted partner when you Golf Maintenance need to improve your bottom line and your operations budget without compromising the quality and conditions that make your golf course great. Don’t just outsource; choose a partner with the genuine agronomic and turf expertise to make your course shine.

  • Professional and expert management team to ensure course quality
  • Experienced equipment technicians to maintain equipment
  • Fixed and reduced equipment costs
  • Maintain Control
  • Keep your current, trusted personnel
  • No liability, bookkeeping, or workers comp issues and costs

Why Outsource?

Today’s economy creates a myriad of challenges for golf courses of all sizes and styles. When rising costs combine with fewer players and members, changes often need to be made. Don’t sacrifice the course quality and golfer experience. Select a reliable partner to manage the maintenance side, so you can focus on attracting more golfers and improving the bottom line.

Maintain Control

You will never face giving up any creative or operational control over the look and feel of your course. It will always be your course. You set the standard and expectations – we simply takeover the day-to-day field management responsibilities and ensure your course remains in tip-top shape all year round. RGS will meet with you on a regular basis to ensure you feel your course is being maintained properly and is going in the direction you want to see. We will present regular updates and make recommendations about improvements and management outside of our contract that we believe will produce a better course for your players, but in the end it is up to you.

Keep Your Team

Continuity of care is of the utmost concern when entering into a partnership. We will do everything possible to retain all existing maintenance personnel from the Superintendent on down. This keeps the day to day upkeep in the hands of those who know and respect your course the most. When it is not possible to retain current employees we can either move qualified Reliable employees into the position or hire the right person for your course. We know what to look for in a good superintendent and are very good at finding the right person and supporting that person to make sure your operation doesn’t skip a beat.

Reduce Equipment Costs

We own all of the equipment used to take care of all the courses we manage. At the beginning of our partnership, we can purchase your existing fleet of equipment at a rate agreeable to both parties. By spending a small amount built into each year’s contract, we will shoulder the burden of all maintenance and operations costs of equipment and provide all new equipment when the need arises. This will go a long ways to alleviate the anxiety associated with new equipment purchases and help you focus on what matters most to your business. We’ve not only alleviated the liability of equipment from the courses we maintain, our courses have also greatly benefitted from the cash that we have turned their equipment into.

Cut Out The Headaches

Organizationally, we’re built to manage the daily maintenance required to keep courses in the pristine condition it was designed for. We created this business so that you can have priorities other than the day to day hassles and headaches of all that goes into keeping your course beautiful. A well run maintenance operation can make all the difference to an organization. We are a proven commodity when it comes to providing golf maintenance without headaches to you, but providing the proper amount of communication so you are assured that your course is being properly taken care of.

Why RGS?

It’s your course. We’re just keeping it beautiful.

Landscaping, property maintenance, and golf course conditioning is in the very DNA of Reliable Golf Services. We are a division of Reliable Property Services Inc., the Upper Midwest’s premier commercial property maintenance provider.
Image of Rough mower
From staff management to turf expertise and a mastery of all things agronomical, Reliable Golf Services is custom designed to help course operators do what they do best: sell rounds and provide an exceptional golf experience for all types of players. By offloading the course maintenance to a trusted partner, you can focus on your clientele. When you choose Reliable Golf Services, you’re choosing a proven leader in our field with expertise you can rely on.

Our employees are the backbone of our growing company and this is true of any great turf facility. We back up these words by our ongoing investment in continuing education and training and our dedication to paying a fair market wage for all of our positions. We offer comprehensive benefit packages for all of our full time employees. If Reliable isn’t a great company to work for, then the courses we manage won’t be great places to work at.

We are proud of the work we’ve done with our existing course partners and encourage you to see for yourself how we can boost your bottom line while optimizing the beauty and playing conditions of your course.

Complete golf course coverage, front to back

When you partner with Reliable Golf Services, you get complete management of your golf course and clubhouse grounds. By combining our collaborative preparation with you with our extensive maintenance background, we will design a golf maintenance program that meets your expectations and remains within your budget. Our services focus on the conditions and services you want to see and experience at your facility. We design the program so that everything we do–from green speeds to mowing frequency to weed control–creates the best conditions possible at your budget level. In addition, we continue to regularly review all of our maintenance programs to find efficiencies and services that will help you save money and increase your facility’s attributes and conditions.

A dedicated, full-time golf course superintendent will oversee your golf course and monitor all conditions, including weather, staff and schedules, for your facility. Our team of professionals will provide daily communications with your golf staff regarding course conditions and on any issues that may affect the players. We will provide monthly and annual status reports to the club officials to help us develop short and long range development plans to help meet the future needs and improvements at your facility.

We supply and provide all of the personnel, materials, equipment, and leadership that are custom designed to provide you with exceptional quality.

Our complete course coverage includes:
  • Extensive turf application knowledge
  • Mowing and trimming
  • Bunker maintenance
  • Fertilizer and weed control programs
  • Disease and insect control programs
  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Flower and horticultural installation, maintenance and detailing
  • Lake and pond management programs
  • Tree maintenance programs
  • Prairie management