Reel Grinding Services

Reliable Golf Services offers comprehensive reel service and grinding for courses of all levels. There are many reasons it can be of value to have our experienced technicians ensure your reels are ready for the season including time and labor issues, wanting the best grinding technology to give your reels the truest grind possible, or having technicians with an average of 15 years experience inspect and ensure your reels are in top shape for the season. Reliable’s reel grinding service is value packed with as much attention given to each reel as if they were our own.

Our basic service includes a comprehensive inspection. You are in control every step of the way and if more work than just grinding is required, you will be informed and given the opportunity to approve or decline the repair needed to get each reel back to peak condition.

Grinding Servicve

Reliable’s comprehensive inspection includes a full inspection of the frame, adjusters, bearings, reel stock, greasers, rollers, and groomers or other attachments. This inspection is included in our basic grinding price. See our brochure below for our pricing structure.

State of the art Foley and Bernhard spin grinders combined with Foley bedknife grinders ensure perfectly round reels and correct blade angles for a consistent cut. Coned reels (reels that have a greater diameter on one side than the other) can be a major issue of reels that are more than a year old and can result in uneven bedknife to reel adjustment. When reels are squared up properly to the grinding wheel, any cone will be eliminated. During the process you will be informed of how much reel stock is on your reels and if there is cone present.

Relief grinding is the removal of material off the back side of each blade to make the cutting edge narrower. A narrower cutting edge can give reels a longer life throughout the season. Relief is especially important on wider reels such as fairway or trim mower reels. Wide cutting edges can wear down the bedknife faster leading to more adjusting and backlapping or mid-season grinding. We offer relief grinding as an option to add to any reel’s service.

Reels that are seized up or hard to adjust will be serviced and lubricated properly to ensure they are able to be easily adjusted during the season. Reliable’s attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competition. If you have an issue mid-season we can fix your reel or give you a quick mid-season grind at a reasonable cost. No matter how old or in what shape your reels are in, Reliable’s technicians can get them back to proper working condition.

We guarantee our work and know our expert mechanics and technicians can meet every course’s standard. Our primary concern is getting the job done right and having our clients know that they made the right decision to outsource their grinding needs. Give us a call or email us to discuss your reel needs and how Reliable Golf Services can help you achieve a sharp, clean cut.

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